Seoul Jazz Festival 2014

I’m sitting at a Starbucks as I’m writing this blog post. I walked into the coffee shop, ordered a coffee, and found a nice seat in a corner. An old man was sitting diagonal from me, and I could feel him watching me every now and then. I was in my own little world sorting through pictures. His gaze didn’t really bother me. After a short while, then man’s wife appeared. The man waved at me when she walked over and pointed to her. He said, “My wife!” very proudly. These were his first words to me. I greeted his wife with a smile and told her she was very beautiful. She sat down next to me and I continued looking through my pictures. The man left to order a coffee. The wife began speaking to me in Korean and said that the pictures were nice. I showed her pictures of my adorable students as well as the pictures in this gallery. She didn’t speak English well, and I still don’t know much Korean, but we were able to communicate fairly well. When her husband came back, I showed both of them pictures of my students during Chuseok. The woman told me that her grandson was the same age as my students. She also said that my students were beautiful, so she won me over quickly. I told her I really loved hanboks. I think she said I would look nice in one, but my Korean skills are limited. I like to think she said I would look nice in a hanbok. I showed the man a couple of the Seoul Jazz Festival 2014 pictures. He asked me in English what kind of music I liked. I told him I liked all kinds of music. He asked if that included classical. I told him that it did. Then his wife said that he was a composer by profession. I was impressed! I told them that back home I was a radio host and brought out my radio voice for them to hear. They were impressed as well. I felt bad interrupting their date, so I let them continue talking and went back to my pictures.
As the couple was leaving, the woman told the man to ask me if I would have lunch or dinner with them sometime. He told me that I made a great first impression on them. I told them thank you and that I would like to have dinner with them. I gave them my phone number. I guess I’m going to have another date with an elderly Korean couple sometime soon! The adventures here never stop. One thing leads to another. Everything is interesting.
Without further ado, here is the gallery of pictures from the Seoul Jazz Festival 2014 (from May… I’m so behind on blog content). I took a lot of pictures of the outfits that I liked. These are mostly pictures of people instead of bands. It was definitely a fun time!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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